Science Diplomacy and Scientific Mobility within the PRIMA Initiative

Friday, 7 April 2017, EMUNI Universty, Piran, Slovenia

Roundtable Discussion

Science Diplomacy and Scientific Mobility within the PRIMA Initiative

4-PRIMA Project eventApril 7, 2017 | Piran Slovenia

Concept Note

Along the 4-PRIMA Coordination and Support action (CSA), funded by the H2020 programme of the EU, EMUNI is organising this Seminar, which seeks to establish mutual perception and understanding on some cross cutting issues of particular importance and relevance to the PRIMA initiative, namely science diplomacy (SD) and scientific mobility (SM). Inclusion of such concepts into the PRIMA initiative is of value to policymakers, research centres, educational institutions, the European Commission and above all the PRIMA partners as they design the first work programme.

Towards this goal, EMUNI intends to bring together a group of high-level stakeholders (policy makers, scientists, international and civil society organisations) in addition to the 4-PRIMA partners to deliberate and brainstorm on how to best benefit from SD and SM in the PRIMA initiative.

The relevant questions to be considered include:

  • Is scientific mobility in its current forms effective?
  • What has been the impact on science in home countries resulting from the migration of the science/academic workforce?
  • How can we further enhance the mobility of scientists and researchers to make it more effective and pertinent to the collaborative research and others actions within PRIMA?
  • What programmes exist for migrating scientists to cooperate with their countries of origin?
  • What exactly constitutes science diplomacy? Its means and modes?
  • How can science diplomacy serve the objectives and activities of the PRIMA initiative?
  • How can SD be integrated in the PRIMA-supported actions?

A key goal of this workshop is to develop specific recommendations to Euro-Mediterranean policy makers (including the EU), funding agencies, universities, research institutions, PRIMA general assembly and other identified stakeholders to integrate the concepts of SD and effective scientific mobility in their national, regional and bi-regional programmes.