As of January 2012, EMUNI University has embarked on a new project HANDSON ICT in partnership with Fundació per a la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (FUOC), Spain; Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA), Greece; Open Universiteit  Nederlands (OUNL), Netherlands; and Mirandanet Ltd. (MNET), United Kingdom. The project idea was born in Prague to the project team for Getting European Business On-line. Project partners from United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania and a guest from Denmark heard about the work of the HANDSON ICT project and immediately saw some potential links that could contribute to the sustainability of both projects.

Project ObjectivesShow

The overall objective of HANDSON ICT is to provide teachers everything they need to learn in relation to the choice making and use of the most suitable ICT tools for a given pedagogical activity while also to provide the cloud arena for putting into practice these activities with students.

The following points summarize the project key objectives:

  • A usable, attractive and comprehensive environment that promotes the knowledge of TEL among teachers and students.
  • A ready to use resource where teachers find learning activities, ICT tools, content and communities of practice, all in one place and on demand.
  • A holistic solution for teacher training courses that need an ICT platform and services to practice with.
  • A mentoring system fully integrated into the environment that enables teachers to count on a service tailored to their specific needs.

Project ActivitiesShow

The project has been designed taking into account methodology, based on following premises: the comparative studies and user needs gathering work package, where the requirements from teachers and teacher trainers are gathered through qualitative and quantitative methods. This work package also has a very important task: to run a competitive analysis on previous and current experiences related to the project and its objectives. Leverage on best practices as well as on previous projects outputs is a premise of the HANDSON project.

Specific activities thus encompass:                                                          

  • to analyse the concrete needs of teachers in the context of digital competences;
  • to benchmark existing resources, applications, content and communities of practice;
  • to design a set of learning activities to learn and practice creativity techniques through ICT;
  • to iteratively pilot the environment with teachers and students from the three sectors targeted (SE, VET, HEI), and to evaluate and improve it; and
  • to facilitate the emergence of an international community around the platform, composed of teachers, trainers and educators from secondary and VET schools, HEIs and adult education that will ensure the sustainability of the platform in the long run.

Project Partners and BeneficiariesShow

  • Fundació per a la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (FUOC), Spain
  • Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA), Greece
  • Open Universiteit  Nederlands (OUNL), Netherlands
  • Mirandanet Ltd. (MNET), United Kingdom
  • Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI), Slovenia.

Main Project Expected ResultsShow

The main expected result of the project aims at facilitating the integration of ICT tools in teaching and learning by developing a learning-by-doing environment to be explored by themselves or with the guidance of a mentor.

Following results shall be achieved at the end of the project:

  • Teacher trainers shall become more effective and can direct their time to support (mentor) teachers with specific aspects of the HANDSON environment without having to consider technical support, tools or content;
  • Teachers shall enjoy a smooth and supported experience when engaging in HANDSON activities through the environment. In the process they will acquire new skills and digital competences;
  • Students shall enjoy new HANDSON activities in line with their informal learning experience, which will help increase or regain their confidence in the educational system and in the process to acquire key competences;
  • Educators in general shall find in the environment a hub that provides an integrated overview of the various online resources useful for HANDSON education.


Duration of the Project

November 2012 - February 2015


E-mail: community@handsonict.eu

Website: http://handsonict.eu/