Jean Monnet Module

Summer School: Euro-Mediterranean Studies - Current and Future Perspectives

Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI) was granted a Jean Monnet Module, which foresees the implementation of three summer schools under the common title Euro-Mediterranean Studies – Current and Future Perspectives. Besides the summer schools that will be organized in summer 2016, 2017 and 2018 at the seat of EMUNI in Portorož (Slovenia), side events will be carried out such as round tables.

European studies are a cross sector and multidisciplinary field demanding a holistic approach through its internal and external dimensions. The European Union (EU) is located in a geopolitical environment which has in the recent years gone through a number of transformations to which the EU had to respond by adapting its internal and mobilizing its external policy instruments. In this view, the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) particularly after the political turmoil in the Southern Mediterranean countries, gained additional importance and further development of its Southern dimension became a must. The European Commission has recently launched a public consultation on the future of the ENP thereby putting it at the top of its political agenda.

This Summer School on Euro-Mediterranean Studies (EMS) will thus focus on the Southern dimension of ENP and cover both internal and external aspects of the EU integration process while debating the role of the EU in a globalized world. Throughout its courses, EMS will aim at offering insight into European affairs for students, which would usually not be exposed to the topic, including students from Southern Mediterranean. In this respect, EMS will enhance interest in EU affairs, encourage and promote diversification of EU studies worldwide as well as dialogue between peoples and cultures. By utilizing new teaching activities and methodologies, EMS will promote active citizenship and enhance civic skills of participants. It will support networking of institutions inside Europe and with Southern Mediterranean, develop skills which are important for employability and allow for career development. All EMS materials, also tailored to the needs of communicating with policy-makers, will be freely available and are expected to bring additional visibility to the field of European affairs. EMS includes master study programme elements, which will contribute to the development of study curricula in all institutions involved.
Duration of the project: September 2015 - August 2018


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With the support of the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union