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2nd EMUNI Think Tank Meeting
(27. 04. 2012)
Napoli, Italy, 26 - 27 April. The aim of the 2nd EMUNI Think Tank meeting was to reinforce the contents emerged from the Manifesto "The LifeLong Learning as an emerging right" (Palazzo du Mesnil, Naples), to support an integrated approach about Lifelong Learning in Euro-Mediterranean countries. In this period the role of the universities is crucial for the following reasons:
  • They are the only institutions with the basic role in the field of educational training, research and lifelong learning according with quality assurance.
  • They are able to build up political, social, economical and cultural changes for the local development (in partnership with governments, other educational institutions, employers, etc.) with the aim of promoting social equity and inclusive learning society.

The topic of the 2nd Think Tank meeting was the organization, creation and implementation of work proposal for the four activities inside the "lifelong learning as an emerging right". The activities will have the equal participation of women leaders of the civil societies of the Euro-Mediterranean area involved in the social, political and economical development of their countries.






Action I

Towards a common artistic and cultural patrimony in the EuroMed Area . The team presented a proposal to train specific professional figures able to realize new models of sustainable and competitive enterprises, thanks to the skills linked to the use of information technologies.


Action II

Professional training for industrial and productive sectors of Tunisia. The team will promote training courses addressed to students, graduates and stakeholders in the tertiary sector in order to administrate and hold technological system. The main idea is to work together in order to create course and professional school addressed to student and workers. 


Action III

Bio-law, bioethics, bio security and health biotechnologies. The team worked on the creation and implementation of PhD, where the main goal was on the debate around key aspects in Bioethics, whose approaches and resolutions belong to the society as a whole due to its nature, and to offer training in rational decision taking regarding problems arisen from scientific developments and high technology (e.g. cloning, assisted reproduction, transgenic experimentation, euthanasia), fostering interdisciplinary team work.


Action IV

Training for the Management of juridical and economical relationships in euro-med area The team organized professional school in order to create specialized figures able to manage juridical and economical relationships between stakeholders working in Euro-Med area, according to the following topics:

  • juridical status and human rights of the citizens of Euro-Med area;
  • support to the enterprises in the process of the internationalization;
  • problem solving in the economical controversies in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

At the open discussion was invited also The Vice-President of the European Parliament Mr. Gianni Pittella. He stressed the imporant role of EMUNI in the Mediterranean area as bridge for the different cultures.  


The complete programme and further information are available on the following link:


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