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Opening Ceremony of the Diplomatic Academy in Montenegro
(20. 03. 2012)
Podgorica, Montenegro, 19 March. Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro was inaugurated in Podgorica on Monday. Among speakers and guests at inauguration ceremony were Ranko Vujačić, Director of the Diplomatic Academy, H.E.Mr. Hans Winkler, Director, Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, Prof. Dr Joseph Mifsud, President of Euro-Mediterranean University, Prof. Dr. Nabil Ayad, Rector, London Academy of Diplomacy, H.E.Mr. Johanes Kyrle, General Secretary in the Austrian Ministry for European and International Affairs and H.E.Mr. Milan Roćen, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro.


Minister Roćen said that the inauguration of such Academy is a very important day for Montenegro Diplomacy. "It's a challenge and a privilege for Montenegro to use experience from Vienna Diplomatic Academy and the Diplomatic Academy of Montenegro will be able to satisfy present and future needs of the country." According to his words, Montenegro needs new knowledge that needs to be learnt from the best.


President of EMUNI, Prof. Joseph Mifsud delivered messages from European Parliament in which he stated that this academy needs to promote the European nature of Montenegro and also the Mediterranean.


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