IJEMS | Volume 3 | 2010 | Number 1

Guest Editors: Karim Moustaghfir and Nada Trunk Širca

Entrepreneurial Learning in Higher Education: Introduction to the Thematic Issue
Karim Moustaghfir and Nada Trunk Širca
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Development of Entrepreneurial Competences
Valerij Dermol
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Business Simulation Games in Forming Students’ Entrepreneurship
Monika Wawer, Marek Milosz, Piotr Muryjas, and Magdalena Rzemieniak
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Increasing Employability of Graduates
Tina Gruber-Muecke, Norbert Kailer, Bernhard Grabner, and Cornelia Stoegmueller
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Entrepreneurial Learning and Learning Strategies of the First Year Business Students in Higher Education
Marja-Liisa Kakkonen
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Developing an Entrepreneur Mindset through Erasmus: Hacettepe University Case
Selda Önderoglu, Bugay Turhan, and Esin Sultan Oguz
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Innovations in Entrepreneurship Teaching: The Use of Repertory Grids Within the French Grande Ecole Context
Rita Klapper
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Towards an Entrepreneurial University
Dino Arnaut
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