Euro-Mediterranean Entrepreneurship Diploma





Euro-Mediterranean Entrepreneurship Diploma

Professional upgrading study programme
Programme starts:
March 2018
Duration of the programme:
6 months (30 ECTS)

Application deadline:
15 February 2018 - Extended

Mode of implementation:





Blended learning:
  • distance learning (2 courses);
  • e-learning combined with face-to-face coaching in countries of students (1 course);
  • face-to-face interactive sessions and field trips (Slovenia and another EU country, most likely Italy or Spain) (3 courses)
Total places: 30
Tuition Fee: 3.000,00 EUR


Why study? (Programme Description)

Innovation and entrepreneurship are considered as a fruitful pursuit for creative and productive individuals. This unique programme is geared towards talented candidates who wish to draw on innovation in order to enhance their entrepreneurial thinking and implement their entrepreneurial ambition in the context of the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The programme is practice-oriented. It is designed with a view to ensuring practical relevance of the theories and research on innovation and entrepreneurship for the participants, who will be improving their individual entrepreneurial ideas throughout the course. Field visits and practical training constitute an important part of the programme, ensuring an exposure to entrepreneurship in practice.

Additionally, cultural and background diversity of students and of the faculty on the programme contribute to developing the interpersonal skills and suited competence framework. 

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Who can apply? (Admission Requirements)

To fulfil the admissions criteria, the candidates need to:

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Programme structure

The programme is delivered as blended learning, in a combination of e-learning, coaching and face-to-face lectures. The course is divided into roughly three periods: the first period is implemented as e-learning, the second is implemented as e-learning, combined with some coaching taking place at the partner universities in countries of the participants’ origin and the third period is composed of face-to-face lectures and field trips, taking place in Piran, Slovenia and another country (most likely, Italy or Spain).

  • The programme starts in early March.
  • The face-to-face session will take place over 4 weeks around end of May/June.
  • The programme finishes at the end of August.

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The following 6 modules are offered, each equivalent to 5 ECTS, resulting in 30 ECTS over the course of the whole programme:

  • Entrepreneurship Opportunity and Human Resource Management
  • Entrepreneurial Business and Governance Models
  • Finance and Legal Entrepreneurial Environment
  • Project management
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategies
  • Business Plan Seminar

Assessment and grading

The assessment varies across the programme. It includes active participation in class and in online activities, written and oral assignments, where the emphasis is on the practical benefits of tasks. The emphasis of the courses is on scrutinising and improving the selected entrepreneurial idea of the individual participant. 

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Unique features of the programme

  • Practice-oriented entrepreneurial training with a focus on regional specificities of conducting business;
  • An international and intercultural study environment that stimulates creativity, curiosity and tolerance;
  • Exposure to state of the art businesses and ideas;
  • Programme seeking to accommodate individual needs;
  • Modern, active teaching methods and field work;
  • Small group of devoted individuals, acting as a peer group.

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Career progression

Upon completion of the programme, the participants will be able to either set up their businesses or enhance their running entrepreneurial projects. Their entrepreneurial endeavours will benefit from an awareness of opportunities arising from closer integration in the Euro-Mediterranean and from a strengthened personal network in the region.

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Tuition fees and financial matters

Tuition Fee is 3.000 EUR  and includes all costs related to the curriculum, including field visits in Slovenia.

The additional costs are:

  • Accommodation
  • Travel to and from Piran, Slovenia, and to another EU country
  • Food and living expenses (approx. 15 EUR/day in Slovenia)

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Application procedure

All candidates should apply online via EMUNI’s website.

They are required to submit the following supporting documents 

  • Online application form [link]
  • Colour-scanned copy of passport
  • Colour-scanned copy of all completed degrees (in original language)
  • Transcript of records (in English)
  • A proof of knowledge of English language (Referring to CEFR under English language knowledge in the application form)
  • Short description of previous education (written in English language by the candidate him/herself)
  • CV in English
  • Motivation letter about the candidate’s reason for applying to the programme in English (maximum of 500 words)
  • Entrepreneurial idea form [link]

The candidates will first be screened for eligibility and fulfillment of admission requirements. A selection committee will short-list the applicants, taking into account both academic merits and entrepreneurial potential. The short-listed candidates will be invited for a personal interview with a selection committee. Interviews will be conducted in the candidates’ home countries, Slovenia, the countries of partner institutions, or by Skype.

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Timeline of the application procedure

The application deadline is 15 February 2018.

Applicants will be notified of the selection at the end of February 2018.

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Help with the application procedure

For queries, regarding the submission procedure, contact EMUNI Education at or +386 59 25 00 57

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